by | November 29, 2023

SIGNS POINT TO YES is an exhibition that ends the first year of existence of Coletivo Amarelo, bringing together the works of all our female artists. The opening takes place onon December 7th from 6pm to 9pm.

Half celebration, half rite of passage, these are works that portray mysterious parts of his artistic processes. Playful, unpredictable and dreamlike, there is a feminine oracular force that unites the exhibition, connecting the familiar with the world of the unknown.Among the works presented, a certain desire for illumination is evident, in which the artists seek to reveal symbolism through layers of paint, detailed drawings and cryptic photographs. Both artists and sorceresses, the works bring with them a mystical character, inviting the public to question what they see.

Perhaps the interpretations of shadows and colors of Juliana Matsumura can provoke a meditative response;

The enigmatic photographs of Natalia Loyola they can attract the viewer's gaze to unfamiliar contexts;

The feminine iconography of Shikha Baheti offers a glimpse into the nourishing, labyrinthine experience of motherhood;

The colorful landscapes of Gabriela Albuquerque they merge into the horizon, questioning the power of nature over human arrogance;

The surreal environments of Jerusa Simone they can cause a feeling of familiar discomfort through the use of repetitive elements;

The luminous paintings of Veridiana Leite they live between reality and the world of dreams, operating as portals to different dimensions;

The abstract paintings of Ana Coutinho exhibit a complete lack of control, following the artist's intense gestures and organic forms.

Regardless of how we choose to explore these artists and their creations, the exhibition is an invitation to experience the sublimity that emerges from each work. Through the eyes of these women and their visual interpretations of their media, we can see each of them attempt to capture and potentially understand the limitless poetic capacity of the universe. As we play with the invisible and shake the magic number eight ball, we receive the optimistic and affirmative answer to all our questions: signs point to yes.

Stephanie Wruck