Chico Diaz and the Real Imaginary: an encounter between dreamscapes and the physics of emotions

by | October 9, 2023

Within the vibrant colors and forceful expressions, we enter a universe where the imagined merges with the concrete, where fortuitous encounters draw landscapes of thought and emotion.

In the next Coletivo Amarelo exhibition, we give space to the multifaceted world of artist and actor Chico Diaz, whose art navigates the mysterious currents of an imaginary reality, painting the visible and the invisible with equal passion and curiosity.

Inspired by the viscerality of the “encounters” described by João Fiadeiro and Fernanda Eugénio, this exhibition invites us to explore “wounds” that arise from accidents, the unexpected, and that, in their subtle brutality and delicacy, expand the domains of the possible and the thinkable.

Such encounters, these unexpected confluences, form the core of Diaz's work, an artist whose practice unfolds in a constant dialogue between search and encounter, between perception and creation.

Chico Diaz, a painter since childhood and self-taught par excellence, intertwines dream narratives with the physics of emotions and reality. His work is not confined by formulas or rigid precepts, but flows, unpredictable and unsettling, always in search of new meanings, new paths, new “real-imaginary” that emerge from his own unconscious and the world around him.

Diaz not only illustrates, but shapes and constructs alternative realities through his art, inviting us to immerse ourselves in landscapes where the mystical and the earthly collide, where mysterious faces merge with allegorical and tropical horizons, building a visual vocabulary that oscillates between the dark and the happy, the light and the dazzled. This is a world where the dichotomy between the visible and the invisible dissolves, and each painting becomes a portal to other dimensions of perception and existence.

zxThe REAL IMAGINÁRIO exhibition is not only a demonstration of Diaz's skill as a painter, but also a celebration of his narrative ability, a deeper dive into the praxis of someone who, throughout his life, told stories, whether through acting or painting.

The substantial difference is that, on screen, his narratives break away from the constraints of the concrete and the logical, allowing a free flight between layers of meaning and expression, emerging both from within and from the world around him.

Let's go, then, between the days October 12th and November 10th, 2023, at the Casa da Cidadania da Língua, in Coimbra, exploring the recesses of a universe where the real and the imaginary coexist and cohabit, not as separate entities, but as integrated and essential aspects of the human experience.

In this space, in the company of selected works by Chico Diaz, we will be led through familiar and at the same time strangely new terrain, where each brushstroke, each figure, each color invites us to reflect, feel and, above all, find ourselves and lose ourselves. in the vastness of what is visible and invisible.

In the space where Chico Diaz's expressions will color our walls and perhaps, our perceptions, with the nuances of his “real-imaginaries”, we wait for your visit.