Coletivo Amarelo Brochure: an invitation to collect

by | June 15, 2023

I'd say my first encounters with zines only happened because of my deep admiration and enthusiasm for punk rock. Even though I wasn't alive to ever touch a copy of Maximum Rocknroll zine, or see in person the stunning cut-and-paste punk aesthetic of the very first edition of Search & Destroy, I've always been under the hypnotizing spell of independent printed publications. There's something special to be said about the energetic drive of zine makers to produce something mainly out of passion, anger or rebellion, without concerns to make any real money, but just to get it out of their systems. 

When Coletivo Amarelo was born, there was a lot to be released. Artists had not only work to show but things to say. I knew we needed to find a way to tell those stories and the digital space wouldn't suffice all our needs. Perhaps it was an attempt to fit fine art under DIY guidelines and I was excited to see what would emerge from it.  

Paper is a revolution in itself. As we move through the ever shifting corners of the internet, those cyber-territories are under constant construction. It all happens fast. It happens now. It's here then it's gone. Paper, on the other hand, has more time. It's a slower digestion. It invites intimacy. It forces you to stay longer.

This publication was born to be collectible, reusable, palpable. Each exhibition held at our gallery will have its own chapter. You're invited to collect every chapter, all while adding them to your copy of the brochure. It's a modular dance, a celebration of impeccable graphic design work, a collective effort made by a group of artists. It's a rebellious yet quite romantic commitment to the nostalgic and so seducing nature of printed materials.  

Our brochure is now available on our website for purchase. During our exhibitions, we will distribute the next chapters, so make sure you have your copy of your brochure in order to collect each chapter.

Cheers! Until next time!