Shikha Baheti

Coletivo Amarelo is proud to bring another incredible artist to our repertoire. Shikha Baheti Lohia is an Indian artist with a unique vision and artistry.


Meet Shikha Baheti, an artist who expresses her experiences through botanical art and black ink

Shikha Baheti's works are a visual summary of her reflections and principles on facets of nature that are not just aesthetic, but existential. After all, time and experience, wisdom and age, death and survival are intrinsic parts of the process of living.

An emerging artist from Hyderabad, capital of Telangana state, Shikha created abstract botanical designs assimilating the physiological aspects of survival, age and wisdom, using flowers as the subject matter of her work. The artist deconstructs the flower to expose its primordial aspects of reproduction, hunger and survival.

Drawing parallels to her coming of age after becoming a mother, Shikha looks beyond the beauty and fragility that flowers are often associated with and sees them as a matriarchal beacon of wisdom, determination and resilience. Her use of black ink is inspired not only by her educational background, but also by the fact that black and white are all-encompassing and, in her opinion, the purest, humblest, and truest colors.

Currently, the artist is on display with two exhibitions, one at the Art Mela and another at The Holy Art Gallery, in London, a gallery dedicated to emerging artists.

It is an honor to welcome Shikha Baheti to Coletivo Amarelo.


The representation of flowers in women's art

Shikha Baheti is not the first woman to use the representation of flowers in her art. We selected four women artists who, throughout their careers, represented flowers in their artistic vision.

Georgia O'keeffe

The American artist is known for her poetic paintings of different species of flowers and is considered one of the main female figures within the history of art.

Her use of color and the organic shapes of flowers bring a feminine and delicate look that also comes from the painter's great interest in music. Flowers have appeared in her paintings since 1918, but it was not until 1924 that she painted her first enlarged flower. Between 1918 and 1932, the artist produced more than 200 paintings of all types of flowers: roses, petunias, poppies, camellias, sunflowers, etc.


Red Canna, Georgia O’Keeffe


Marianne North 

Marianne was an English biologist, who was also known for her paintings of flowers, plants and natural landscapes. Her  work has remarkably and incredibly accurately captured the deepest details of botany.

In 1870, she traveled to Brazil, where she spent 8 months producing more than 100 paintings based on her observation of the ecosystem and fauna she found there. This passion for landscapes and painting led the artist to seclusion in a cabin in the forest, where she painted in oils the landscapes she found.

Flor de Pascua or Easter Flower, Morro Velho, Brasil, Marianne North


Anna Atkins

Botanist and photographer, Atkins was the first artist to publish a photo book with images, as well as being one of the first female photographers. Anna produced cyanotypes, which are images printed in blue, in the artist's case, of flowers and plants. Her frames were revolutionary for the time. In them, the artist placed plants on top of photographic paper, producing delicate photograms. The amazing thing about this process is that it was done in 1850!

Cyanotype of Cystoseira fibrosa de Anna Atkins’s British Algae


Hilma af Klint

The Swedish Hilma af Klint is considered a pioneer of abstract art. In the mid-1890s, the artist produced some botany studies and transferred these to detailed watercolor and graphite drawings on paper.

Between the years 1906 and 1915, Hilma created more than 150 paintings. We already talked about the artist on our blog and you can read a little more about her by clicking here.


On the Viewing of Flowers and Trees de Hilma af Klint


Shikha Baheti walks her path to join these great artists as a woman who uses flowers to represent the full complexity of her existence. Coletivo Amarelo is very proud to be part of this story. Shop now Shikha's exclusive works.