First things first: art is emotionally and profoundly beautiful!

To own an artwork is to bring closer your admiration of the world. At the same time, hanging a piece into any room will help you to reflect your inner self. In this sense, to buy art isn’t just an investment, but a step of a very complex process of self knowledge! How many ways can you find in art to explore and express who you truly are?

Art is fuel!

Our routines are continuously challenging us with new tasks. Thus, we often tend to feel lost or with something that looks like there is a heavy weight upon our heads that will not let us think and make our choices. Art will always help to fuel our imagination, giving the strength needed to emerge us from our confusions. Creativity is the path that our brain needs to reach clarity!

Art brings affection!

Artworks will transform any environment into a space where things can be more engaged. This can only result in positive effects: people will find comfort, joyfulness and warmth.



Have you ever found yourself not knowing where to start when it comes to choosing artwork for your walls? You know empty walls are creepy and you keep seeing beautiful layouts of interiors with amazing prints but you simply have no clue what would work for you. If you had to ask yourself what's your personal style, would you know how to answer it? 

The thing about "finding your own style" is that it takes a lot of experimentation and some research. Let us break this down for you:



It's vital to experiment when it comes to consuming art. In order for you to invest in art that you truly love, you must look at art first. Attending different art exhibitions, visiting museums and galleries or simply searching online for artworks it's the first step. But it's easy to be stuck with the same styles, especially if they are trendy and this is where experimenting can make a real difference. Your interior spaces should reflect your personality and unique taste, so don't be afraid to mix different styles and let your imagination do the work. Try out different colors, mix and match interior styles and see how they make you feel. 

The best part about investing in art you love is that you get to curate different atmospheres and change them whenever you feel like it. See your spaces as blank canvases open to many possibilities. So our advice is: experiment as much as you can and have fun while doing it!



You definitely don't need to become an expert overnight on interior design but it can be extremely helpful (and fun) to do some research on the different styles that you can experiment with. We put together a short list of interior design styles and some words associated with them to get you started. Use this as an inspirational guide for when you're art shopping. Also remember you do not have to stick to only one of them, the idea is to reflect your personality in a way that feels natural to you. 



Words to keep in mind:

sleek * bold * minimalistic


Mid century

Words to keep in mind:

functional * natural * simple



Words to keep in mind:

colourful * eclectic * care free



Words to keep in mind:

organic * warm * imperfect



Now it's time to shop! If you ever find yourself stuck and need some expert advice, shoot us an email: contact@coletivoamarelo.com so we can help you out. Cheers!