Eduardo Politzer is a Brazilian sound designer and artist from Rio de Janeiro and today we talked to him about his digital work "Labyrinth". 

This is an invitation to put on your headphones, get lost, rediscover yourself and hopefully dream. Politzer created a new digital space filled with sounds, memories, dreams, poems and loose thoughts. As you navigate through the labyrinth, clicking on hyperlinks that redirect you to different corners, you draw your own path. Sometimes the labyrinth can be deeply moving and personal, others it can be relaxing and funny. 

We had the opportunity to navigate Eduardo's labyrinth with him, while asking questions along the way. He shared with us how the process of creating the work came to be and what he learned with the experience. 


"Put on your headphones.

Get lost, dream.


When you realize you're in a labyrinth

it's because you've been there for a long time.

But don't rush,

Perhaps you will learn something along the way.

Maybe you’ll find something valuable,

Maybe you will learn something valuable about yourself,


Maybe you'll wake up with a feeling,

Perhaps your brain uses this time to simulate different situations.

To discard what is of little importance.

To prepare for something in the future.

In this labyrinth you will find characters and places,

Sound and image.

Time and thought.

Metaphysics and nonsense.

I'll tell you my dreams

And then you tell me yours.

This is an ornament

A necklace that we place around the neck of time,

To see if it gets tamed."

We invite you explore the labyrinth on your own, access it here. Click here to visit Eduardo's website. Follow him on IG: @eduardopolitzer