Saturday, November 20th at 5PM we will have a talk with Natália Loyola and Roberta Goldfarb about their individual practices and works presented on the exhibition. Join us at Fábrica Braço de Prata!

Coletivo Amarelo is honored to announce its inaugural exhibition Surroundings in Lisbon! 

Opening: November 13th at Fábrica Braço de Prata, at 7PM on the second floor. 

This is the collective's first physical exhibition after a year of working only digitally. The exhibition marks the role of Coletivo Amarelo within the cultural and artistic scene of the city of Lisbon, displaying the work of artists from different parts of the world.

Surroundings presents the work of seven artists: Juliana Matsumura, Eduardo Dias, Osias André, Gabriela Albuquerque, Martim Meirelles, Natália Loyola and Roberta Goldfarb. The works presented unfold a number of dialogues woven together by one main thread: our surroundings.

The exhibition explores how these artists used their practices to dissect their tangible surroundings, while giving viewers the possibility to interact with variations of the same concept. The works were subdivided into five subcategories: observation, displacement, territory, documentation and impermanence. Although in the year of 2020 the world sharply shifted the engines of human operations to an essentially virtual life, the “real” environments that surround us are still what most influence our experiences. Central to the exhibition are the artists’ individual abilities to encompass the physicality of their surroundings within a frame. Each work is a response to the visual plane that existed at some point in time and space, crossing its own disciplinary boundaries (painting, photography and video installation) in order to approximate the viewer to a shared orbit.

Whether it be through the observation of time, the displacement of the body and identity, the rediscovery of a lost territory, the documentation of experiences or the impermanence of life, the works presented serve as an attempt to build a reflective landscape of reality.                                                         


Osias André

Osias André, from Mozambique, immigrated to Portugal four years ago where he won three scholarships from the independent art school Ar.Co, an institution dedicated to experimentation and artistic training. Osias started painting at the age of eight and began his artistic career through graphic illustration, producing a collection of books. For him, painting requires a slower and more indirect digestion.The paintings shown here are linked to his African origins, while reflecting Osias’s search for identity conducted through a traditional European atelier practice. Osias currently lives and works in Lisbon.

Juliana Matsumura

Juliana Matsumura is a Brazilian artist who currently lives and works in Lisbon. She graduated in Design at Escola Ar.Co, and attended a Graduation in Textile and Fashion at the University of São Paulo. The artist is also a member of Risco Coletivo, a collective of contemporary drawing practices. Drawing is central in her practice, using various tools such as engraving, photography and painting. Juliana currently lives and works in Lisbon.

Natália Loyola

Natália Loyola has a degree in Social Communication & Journalism and is also finishing her Masters in Anthropology - Visual Cultures at Universidade Nova de Lisboa. Her research is primarily focused on the exercise of observing the places she circulates, especially throughout urban landscapes. Natália’s photographs are a construction of imagetic territorial markers of her own migratory process, all seen from her interactions with the city itself and its inhabitants. Natália currently lives and works in Almada, Portugal.



Gabriela Albuquerque

Gabriela Albuquerque is a Brazilian artist, who works and lives in Cascais. Her current research focuses on landscapes and recurrent developments beyond the historical academic tradition of this genre. The almost compulsive repetition of images seeks to exalt the paradox between permanence and impermanence of our surroundings, of what is familiar to us, but also ephemeral. The choice of oil paint as her medium, which follows a centuries-old tradition, questions the continuity of certain practices that persist despite constant innovations. Gabriela's work tensions the tradition around oil painting within the contemporary art context. 


Roberta Goldfarb

Roberta Goldfarb is a Brazilian artist who currently lives and works in Lisbon. She holds a degree in Advertising (FAAP, 2001) with a focus on photography from Senac (São Paulo), La Escuela de la Imagen y el Diseño e Centre Cívic Pati Llimona (Barcelona) and the International Center of Photography (Nova Iorque). Her research is driven by the artist’s desire to collect and catalog physical objects and experiences that would otherwise be lost in memories. Roberta builds spheres of feelings and meanings displaying what she sees with her eyes. Among the exhibitions she has participated in, there are "Dizer Fazer" (Ateliê RG, SP, 2014), "Enquanto Tempo" (Oficina Oswald de Andrade, SP, 2014), Clube dos Colecionadores (NowHere, Lisboa, 2020) e the solo show "Levantes, rajadas de vento ou os planos para ver o mundo" (Ateliê RG, SP, 2014) and "Preâmbulos para um Conto de Mundo" (Galeria Rabieh, SP, 2012). She is currently participating in the group show "Pedágio de Mim – Foco Brasil" (Not a Museum, Lisboa). 


Eduardo Dias

Eduardo Dias is a biologist from São Paulo, Brazil and currently works at Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie as a Laboratory Technician at the Center for Research in Biosciences. His practice takes him to Brazilian biomes such as the Pantanal, the Cerrado, the Atlantic Forest, among other destinations, and photography plays an important role during his travels. He uses it as a tool to unleash his imagination, but also as means to create a didactic repertoire in which his knowledge of biology merges with art.



Martim Meirelles

Martim Meirelles is an American photographer who lives and works in New York. Portuguese descent, Martim moves between the USA, Portugal and Mozambique. His photographic research documents human lives that live on the fringes of economic prosperity and share the same Portuguese linguistic origin. In his work, there is a focus on beauty, pain and joy, highlighting the artist’s ability to approach each subject with a deep visual sensitivity. The photographs presented here are the result of a one-year stay at the Madre Maria Clara orphanage in Mozambique in 2017 and also an artistic residency in Nazaré in 2014.



Curated by Stephanie Wruck.

To receive the exhibition's full catalogue, send us an email at: contact@coletivoamarelo.com