About us

Amarelo is an ecosystem of experimentation. By adopting an intuitive curatorial approach, our goal is to foment new ways we consume art through creative experiences. We see art and life as two parts of the same living and ever-changing organism. Diverse programming is our driving force, offering the public - at first, virtually - a chance to engage with the art they consume.⁣

⁣⁣Partnering with both local & international independent artists, we hope to host physical events in a transformed future, where we see ourselves as a catalyst for both art representation and art consumption. ⁣

⁣Open discussions, experimentation, inclusivity & education are where our core values truly lie. Welcome to our ecosystem.


  • Stephanie Wruck

    Co-founder and Creative Director of Coletivo Amarelo, Stephanie was exposed to the contemporary art world at a young age. Visits to museums and galleries were regular activities while she was growing up and they cultivated a deep interest in her to pursue a career in the art world. Her experience as an art consultant at an art gallery in New York City showed her the current state of operations of traditional art galleries. She found it to be a cold environment and oftentimes very disconnected to the public.It was in the middle of this process that the idea for Coletivo Amarelo emerged: an attempt to transform the way that the artist's work is studied, represented and promoted.

    Stephanie seeks for more inclusive and experimental curatorial experiences within the art world and it is through Coletivo Amarelo that she promotes deeper and open educational dialogue.

  • Gabriela Albuquerque

    Gabriela Albuquerque is a visual artist who lives and works in Portugal. Her professional career has always been guided by creative exercise, first in literature and then in art curatorship and critics. She lived for six years in the USA, between the east and west coasts, and during this experience she immersed herself in artistic practice, developing herself as a painter.

    With the goal to promote new artists in the contemporary art scene, she created, together with Stephanie, Coletivo Amarelo, which aims to provide new approaches and discussions about art.