How has the internet changed the way we perceive reality and relate to each other? 

As our digital cultures become increasingly complex and interconnected, it's tempting to visualize the future of art inside the digital realm. While artists can offer new modes of thinking and understandings of the world, technology can reshape the spaces we occupy through frenetic optimization and connectivity. What happens when the two - art and the internet - meet? 

In the 60's and 70s, the use of technology allowed artists to access their subconscious in a way never done before. They began to question the arrival of new media and how it affected the artistic practice. After all, what is the role of art in a world moved by technology?

From early experimentations with technology to artistic movements emerging because of the internet, much has changed. For the next few weeks, we will build a timeline together of important moments in the history of the internet in relation to creative expression. 

If art leads the way towards foreign processes and untouched territories, how can the internet transform the artistic production? This intimate and ever changing relationship between the two could potentially help us analyze the world around us with more clarity and dynamism. 

Come with us as we explore the past, attempt to understand the present and playfully daydream about the future of art on the internet. 


Image: Glitch Art by Rosa Menkman