Sound: Vivian Caccuri

To finalize our discussion about sound and art, today we talk about Vivian Caccuri. Brazilian artist residing in Rio de Janeiro, her work has always used sound as the fundamental basis of her research. Caccuri brings sound as an amalgam that aligns social and historical experiences, often silenced in academic and intellectual circles.
During a quarantine, Vivian presented the audiovisual work “Vivian e Gustavo” on country music, developed in partnership with artist Gustavo Von Ha. The work is a raw and uncomfortable portrait of what the backcountry movement is, one of the main pillars of our culture, always contaminated by our colony history, which ironically never freed itself from submission to the world's strongest economies. Agribusiness is the backdrop of the imaginary of the countryside, and all its breakdowns are part of this universe.

Vivian's entire work moves with intimacy between the fragile limits that separate sound, art, culture, history and society.

1. Vivian Caccuri - "Fantasma Cinza", 2020
iron bar, protection screen, aluminum bars and beads
"Gray Phantom", 2020

2. Vivian & Gustavo, 2020
Vivian Caccuri + Gustavo von Ha
[Vídeo, cor e som]

3. Vivian Caccuri - “Trítono Frágil”, 2020
glass and leather

4. Vivian Caccuri - A Woman's Work 3, 2020
iron bar, protection screen, polyester cord, cotton thread and aluminum