Rafaela Salgueiro x Duda Affonso Collaboration

What if we could reimagine the landscapes we circulate through art?

The piece "Náutica 01" is a collaboration between Rafaela Salgueiro and Duda Affonso, both Brazilian artists residing in Portugal. 

The duo proposes, from its theoretical investigations and individual poetics, a partnership that aims to merge photography with pictorial intervention. Following a proposal of invention of realities, the artists see the photographic intervention as a way of creating new possible worlds. Rafaela believes that painting allows us to stretch our imagination beyond the borders of what is represented by a photograph.

Rafaela's work explores the mechanism of simultaneously revealing and hiding elements of an image, giving the viewer new possibilities of interaction while building other narratives. Duda Affonso, in turn, observes the world and collects remnants of stories that one day could exist, either through photography, collage or cinema, while building her own imaginary. 

This piece is an invitation to reimagine the nautical landscape while celebrating the revitalization of the Marina in Cascais, Portugal. By adding layers of paint on top of each element of the picture, the artist reveals potential realities that perhaps only live inside our subconscious. 

Photography done in 35mm in Italy, 2019.