What does biology have to do with art?

By definition, biology is the science of life and living organisms. It is through biology that we are able to study specific qualities - behavior, physiology, anatomy, origin, distribution - of all organisms. It is under the term biology that studies such as botany, zoology and physiology live. Essentially, biology deals with the fundamental aspects of life.

But when does the investigation of living organisms intersect with creative practices? What is the role of nature in art? How is art being used to intervene in the environment?

There is art in science - the detailed research, the chemistry that exists between materials, or the way they react to each other. There is also science in art - the anatomy of a figurative drawing, the angles of a sculpture, the alchemy of paint. The two are intricately interconnected, but what are the benefits of melding the arts with biology?

Stay with us while we look at how biology presents itself in artworks and the ways that artists use biology to accentuate environmental issues.