Not to say that I didn't mention the flowers V, 2022


Oil painting from the series “Not to say I didn't mention the flowers”, from 2022. (25.4 x 20.5 cm)

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This series of paintings on paper emerged from an exercise in observation and study of colors and shapes.

The drawings were conceived during a period of personal mourning and are the result of an attempt to find beauty despite the difficulties the artist was going through.

Once again, music was the driving force behind this creative process, and the song “Not to say that I didn't speak of flowers” by Geraldo Vandré named this series.

In a moment of social upheaval (post pandemic and the outbreak of a war in Europe) occurring simultaneously with her own personal battles, the artist turned her gaze to the simplicity of the things that surrounded her, such as the flowers, which are compulsively kept in her House.

The designs suggested by the interweaving of leaves, stems and petals refer to the explosion of life, such as burning bodies, genitalia, eroticism, which are pulsating energies of life, even though death is always lurking.

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Dimensions 25.4 × 20.5 cm

Oil painting


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